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Losing a loved one is often a painful experience, even when it’s a death that was expected. The unexpected passing of someone can be even harder. And when that unexpected passing was caused because another person or organization was negligent? 

Now, the loss that’s been suffered can be rectified with a wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death lawsuit is, generally speaking, much like a standard personal injury case. It must be proven that the defendant was negligent and financial damages must be calculated. 

The key difference is that, with the injured person now deceased, the legal question shifts to who can sue on their behalf and what kind of damages can be collected. 

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What Damages Can You Get for Wrongful Death?

The final settlement figure can start with the direct financial losses a family has suffered by their loved one’s death. That includes their immediate earnings, as well as the income that might have been earned for the remainder of their working life. 

Every human being’s value is much more than their monetary earnings, and in wrongful death cases, a court will look at the loss of companionship and counsel. The family has lost a friend. They have lost someone that might have been relied on for advice and guidance in difficult times. 

Money isn’t going to replace that, but dollars for this loss are still an appropriate part of a fair wrongful death settlement. 

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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Arizona?

Arizona law requires that the plaintiff be the spouse, child, or parent of the deceased. It is worth noting that, while there are several states that allow for siblings and other relatives to bring wrongful death suits, Arizona is not one of them. 

We should also point out that there are cases where the person’s death came as the result of a criminal act. A car accident might have been the result of a drunk driver. Catastrophic injuries could have been caused by corporate neglect or some other act of malfeasance. The District Attorney here in Arizona decides whether or not criminal charges will be brought. 

In theory, the lawsuit that will be filed, is entirely separate from the criminal prosecution, as the lawsuit will be adjudicated in the civil courts and has monetary compensation, rather than jail time, as its potential end. Furthermore, even if a defendant is acquitted in criminal court, that does not absolve them of civil responsibility. 

In practice, however, the outcome of a criminal case may impact the results in civil court. A guilty plea or conviction is something a Phoenix wrongful death attorney can point to in making the case for financial damages. The evidence gathered by criminal prosecutors may be leveraged in the civil case. 

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