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A catastrophic injury dramatically alters the trajectory of a person’s life, perhaps permanently. The costs of recovery will be substantial, to say nothing of the mental trauma caused by pain and suffering. The financial settlement needs to reflect that, and the quality of a Phoenix catastrophic injury lawyer may well be critical in shaping the rest of an injured plaintiff’s life. 

A Phoenix Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Who Fights for You

Getting a fair settlement is important in any personal injury case, both as a matter of justice and to make the plaintiff whole. But it can be even more important in catastrophic cases, where extended periods of a plaintiff’s life—perhaps the remainder of their life—have to be financed. Plaintiffs need to know their attorney is in their corner and fighting for every last dollar from what may be an intransigent insurance company. 

RAJ Law brings that fighting spirit on behalf of all our clients. 

What Is a Catastrophic Injury? 

Strictly speaking, a catastrophic injury can be like others that fall in the general sphere of personal injuries. It’s something that might happen in a car accident, a slip and fall on someone else’s property, a medical malpractice case, or any other incident. What makes an injury catastrophic is the scope of the damage. There is no precise legal definition, but recovery times that have to be measured in months (if not years) are typically considered to be from a catastrophic injury. 

These types of injuries often involve damage to the spinal cord. Or they can involve serious burns. Traumatic brain injuries are another example of a catastrophic case, as are injuries that require amputation and transplants. 

Like all personal injury cases, the Phoenix catastrophic injury attorney has to prove that the defendant was negligent in taking whatever action (or non-action) that caused the injury. One of the unique dynamics of catastrophic cases is the amount of financial damages involved, and the need for thoroughness and far-sightedness from the injured plaintiff’s lawyer. 

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Damages in a Catastrophic Injury Case

The initial medical costs are where any financial damages begin. The initial hospital stay for a catastrophic injury is likely to be a long one. Multiple surgeries are common. Doctors will want to keep a patient with spinal cord damage under close supervision. A person with serious burn injuries may require skin grafts to be done. The cost of all this care adds up quickly, even for a patient with insurance coverage. 

But even those substantial costs are just the beginning. Rehabilitation must be paid for, and the settlement has to factor in how long the rehab will take. This may call for expert witnesses to weigh in with their evaluation of the patient’s needs. Those needs can include in-home visits, as well as rehabilitation work done at outpatient centers. 

Furthermore, recovery is not limited to what’s merely physical. Injuries take a toll on a person’s psyche and the events that caused a catastrophic injury might cause particularly intense psychological anguish. Regular therapy might be necessary, perhaps permanently. A conscientious lawyer will work to ensure the costs of that therapy are covered in the settlement. 

The costs also include lost income—both short-term, and in the future. There are the intangible costs of pain and suffering. While lost enjoyment of life isn’t something we ever put a dollar value on, the settlement does have to do something to compensate people for the fact they may no longer be able to enjoy their hobbies, or time spent with family and friends. 

Is The Home Still Suitable?

When a plaintiff purchased their home, condo, or rented their apartment, it’s a fair bet they were not doing so with the plans of being physically incapacitated. But now, they may need a wheelchair to get around. Their home—at least parts of it—may no longer be accessible. 

A settlement needs to account for the costs of renovation. This may involve putting rampways in where stairs used to be. Depending on the structure of the house and the nature of the injuries, it may even call for relocation. In that event, the settlement should compensate for both the direct costs of needing to move, along with compensation for the inconvenience relocating brings. 

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