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Human beings rely on their brains for almost everything necessary to live a functional life. The brain alerts us when we’re hungry or thirsty. It manages our fine motor skills. This amazing organ even tells when to breathe. Suffice it to say, any type of injury to the brain can be devastating. 

These types of injuries are all too common. Studies show nearly 3 million people every year suffer damage to the brain. When that damage is caused by the negligence of someone else, the injured party can turn to our Phoenix traumatic brain injury lawyer to lead the fight for the financial settlement they deserve and will rely on. 

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RAJ Law knows that the person who has suffered a brain injury is depending on their lawyer to get them the settlement that will take care of them for the foreseeable future. We take that responsibility seriously and it’s why we fight so hard on every last detail of our client's cases. Let us help you next. 

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Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when the brain makes contact with the front or back of the skull because of some type of jarring. That means a TBI can occur in any type of accident that causes significant impact to the head. 

That could be a car accident, or it could be a slip and fall. It could happen during recreational activities. The sheer number of ways a person’s head could be injured underscore how unfortunately common a TBI can be. 

TBIs fall generally into two categories. There is a closed injury, which means the skull remained intact. An open injury—the most serious of the two—means the skull was at least partially fractured. In addition to the skull damage, the brain is now exposed and was perhaps even pierced. 

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Getting a Fair Financial Settlement

The financial settlement must, first and foremost, pay for the costs of recovery. Recovery is likely to be extensive. Everything we learn through our lives is stored in our brain, and there’s no telling how much of that information can be compromised because of a TBI. The injured plaintiff may need to relearn even the most basic of human habits. They may have need to be taught how to speak again and how to bathe. 

Even if they have cognitive understanding of what to do, the brain’s management of motor skills may leave them unable to do something as simple as get out of bed. The length of rehab and what’s required must be anticipated, and its costs incorporated into the settlement. 

The injured plaintiff has also lost their ability to work and earn income, at least temporarily. The income loss can be quantified by looking at W-2s, 1099s and other income statements, and then factoring in how long the plaintiff will be out of work. If that time is measured in years, then lost cost-of-living salary increases should be factored in as well. 

But the income lost may go well beyond even this far-reaching projection. A person who has suffered a TBI is no longer able to do the work necessary to build a business, earn a promotion or get a master’s degree, if that was their intention. Even if their recovery eventually allows them to return to their former job, they have fallen behind the curve and may never be able to put in the needed work to advance in their chosen career. 

To get fair compensation for these losses, a Phoenix traumatic brain injury attorney needs to ask the plaintiff, along with their family and friends, about what their future work plans were. The lawyer may need to contact expert witnesses in the plaintiff’s field, to gain an understanding of what the plaintiff’s potential was. And the attorney ought to be connected with witnesses whose testimony in this regard will be seen as credible by either an insurance company, in a negotiated settlement, or a court of law, if litigation is necessary. 

All of the above is only the compensation for income that can be directly calculated or reasonably projected. There’s still the matter of everything else the plaintiff has lost. Their capacity to enjoy time being around family and friends has been seriously damaged. Their ability to enjoy their hobbies is likely diminished, if not gone entirely. There may be psychological trauma, in addition to the physical pain. 

This is the pain and suffering part of the settlement. It’s an attempt by the legal system to compensate a person for what really can’t be replaced. Is money an adequate replacement for lost hobbies, time with family and friends, and peace of mind? No. But the injured plaintiff has to start their life all over again, and some amount of compensation is appropriate to help them do it. It’s the attorney’s job to fight for that. 

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